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As my students, you should know how to look after yourselves and then how to take care of your parents.

my,your这一类表示“.的”,就是形容词性物主代词,第一第二人称,即”你,我,我们,你们“要用形容词性物主代词+self / selves,相对应的就是yourself,myself,ourselves,yourselves.him,her,it,them是宾格,所以第三人称相对的就是himself,herself,itself,themselves.

please take care of yourselves.dear children :孩子们,请照顾好你们自己啊~ The homework should be done by yourselves:作业必须得你们自己做~~ 报告完毕~~

The box itself is not so heavy. 箱子本身并不重. You yourself said so. / You said so yourself. 你自己是这样说的. Take good care of yourself. 照顾好自己. She could not make herself understood. 她不能使别人听懂她的话. The poor boy was

pron.(反身代词)你们自己;(用以加强语气)你们亲自,你们本人n.你自己( yourself的名词复数 );(用以加强语气)亲自yourself 是你自己 ;yourselves 是你们自己;1.You must find yourselves some chairs for th

反身代词的用法: 1、 反身代词不能作主语,但是它可以作主语同位语,放在主语后或句末. 如:我亲自去了电影院 英语翻译为:i went to the cinema myself. 2、 反身代词可以作宾语的同位语. 如:i wish i could hear beethoven himself play this

yourselves [j:selvz]pron.(反身代词)你们自己; (用以加强语气)你们亲自,你们本人;n.你自己( yourself的名词复数 ); (用以加强语气)亲自;[例句]I've been wondering if you yourselves have any idea why she came.我一直在想,你们自己是否知道她为什么来.[原型]yourself

yourselves 英[j:selvz] 美[jrslvz, jr-, jor, j-] pron. (反身代词) 你们自己; (用以加强语气) 你们亲自,你们本人; n. 你自己( yourself的名词复数 ); (用以加强语气) 亲自; [例句]I've been wondering if you yourselves have any idea why she came.我一直在想,你们自己是否知道她为什么来.[其他] 原型: yourself

vi. 1. 表现,行为举止[Q] The young lady behaved courageously in the face of danger. 那位年轻女士面对危险表现得十分勇敢. 2. 行为检点,听话,表现好 3. (机器等)开动,运转 How is the new machine behaving? 新机器的性能怎样?


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