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givE thinks For 和 givE thinks to 的区别

give thanks for :后面接人的话就是说为他/她感谢.接时的话就是说因为这件事我谢谢..give thanks to :就是说to sb ,给你单纯的说我把我的谢意给你这种意思.

give to 把给某人 You ought to give a better example to the children.你应该给孩子们做个好榜样.give for也是给,但是有“交换”的意思 What would you give for this used car?这辆旧车你愿意出多少钱?(还有牺牲的意思) The brave soldier gave his life for his country.这位勇士为祖国献出了生命

give in 意思是“屈服,投降”,不及物动词 give in to 意思是“屈服于”,及物动词,两者的区别是由于他们的词性而定的,因为give in本身是一个不及物动词短语,后面不可以加名词或代词.因此假如要加上名词或代词,必须在其后面带上to,转变成一个及物动词短语.

Thank to就是感谢某人 Thank for是就…表示感谢,就某件事表达感谢,后面可以接世界,并且它还有把…归咎于;为…责怪

giveto把给某人 例如:give the book to me givefor支付、付款 例如: I gave 20 dollars for the bike. 1、Those who are lucky enough to be wealthy have a duty to give to the hungry. 有幸成了富人的人有义务捐助忍饥挨饿的人. 2、What I'd

2007-08-14 16:15 提问者采纳 意思是多亏Thinks to your help,I have finished my homework.thank for用法是thank sb. for +名词或动名词 因为某事某人感谢某事某人 Thank you for helping me.谢谢你帮助我.

1) thanks to为介词词组,意思是“多亏;由于;因为(含义相当于because of)”.如:Thank to your help,we finished the work in time.由于你的帮助,我们及时完成了工作.2) thanks for.表示“因……而感谢”,其中的thanks为复数名词,介词for指原因,后接名词、代词或动词的ing形式.如:Thanks for your help.谢谢你的帮助.Thanks for inviting me.谢谢你的邀请.

give birth 翻译:分娩 give birth to 翻译:生(孩子),生育;引起,产生;娩出;娩 例句:1、She's due to give birth at any moment. 她随时可能分娩.2、If I give birth to a little son, I will raise a white flag.如果我生下的是个小弟弟,我就升起一面

一.give to 赋予 例句 right to give away 放弃权 To give flavor to. 给…加调料 To give publicity to. 使…为公众所注意 Give heart to sb. 鼓励某人 Give horns to sb. 叫某人戴绿帽子 二.give for 牺牲;交换 例句 Give a back for sb. 弯着腰让某人从自己背上

区别如下:1. apologize for 意思是:为某事而道歉,后面接sth.例:i apologize for what i said about you.我对我说过你的闲话向你表示歉意.2. apologize to 意思是:向某人道歉,后面接sb.例:you should apologize to me.你应该跟我道歉.3. apologize with, 没有这种表达方式.

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