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“come”构成的词组?很多啊,例如:come:come full circle,绕回原处,毫无进展 come home to,完全理解,领悟 come and go,来来去去,变来变去,转瞬即逝 come unstuck,遭受挫折 how come?,怎么回事?to come,即将到来,以后

come down :下来,倒下,败落. come off:成功,奏效 come on:跟着来,快点;进展;开始;出场,上演 come in: 进来;起作用 come out:出现;出版;结果是;

come on“加油”come across“偶遇”…

come into being 发生,产生,出现,形成 come into use 开始使用,获得应用 come into effect/force 生效 come into power/office 上台,就职,开始执政,当权,当选 come into one's own 得到自己该得的东西, 显示自身的特点(或价值) come into play 开始活动,开始运转,投入使用,开始起作用 come into possession of 占有 came into action 开始起作用


comes for comes out came up with came over

come back 回来 come down 下来 come in 进入,进来 come on 快,走吧,跟我来 come out 出来 come out of 从 …… 出来 come up 上来 come from 来自 …… get up 起身 get everything ready 把一切都准备好 get ready for (=be ready for) 为 ……

含come的短语有:came into 进来, come down 下来, come in 进来, come over 过来,come from 来自, come back 回来, come round 前来(过来)/ comes over, come on 快,加油, come out (花)开;出来, come along 赶快,快一点 含turn的短语有:turn off 关上, turn, up (把收音机等)开大一些, turn on 打开(灯等), turn down (把收音机等)开小一些, turned white 变白, turn left 向左拐.

1、Scientists must come out new ways to increase the world's food supply

come on快点come up 发生come out出来come across 偶遇come to苏醒come down 下来

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