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BE rEADy to造句

我准备做晚饭 i'm ready to cook dinner

I am ready to do my homework.

1. 我准备上学.I'm ready for school.I'm ready to go to school.2. 该准备上课了.It's time to be ready for class.It's time to be ready to have a class.3. 请作好一切准备.Please be ready for everything.4. 你准备跳舞吗?Are you ready to dance? 两个词组的意思是: be ready for 为……做准备 be ready to do sth 准备做某事

We are ready to face the challenge.我们已准备好面对挑战.He is ready to give a speech.他准备演讲希望采纳.谢谢!!!

i am ready to go to bed.

I like to eat pizza with some sausages. 我喜欢有一些香肠的批萨. This book came out in the 2010. 这本书在2010年出版. I am ready to take this competition 我准备好这次考试了.

I am ready to go to the party.He was ready to go to the party yesterday.

She is one of the best students in our classI am always willing to talk with youJohn is always ready to help othersTom often tells jokes and makes others laughI am taller than my sister望采纳

你好.例句:Put the banana into the milk,mix up them,the banana milk shake completed.译为:将香蕉放入奶昔,搅拌它们,香蕉奶昔就做成了.希望对你有帮助.

很多啊.比如I'm ready to play basketball with my friends.

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