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BE ConviCtED oF例句

只要加个主语就行了,注意主谓一致 he is unable to get rid of bad habits

Be careful of the traffic.小心车

有这层意思.一般来说,worthy做形容词:1. having worth, merit, or value; useful or valuable.有价值的:具有价值或优点的;有用的或有价值的2. honorable; admirable:可敬可佩的:值得尊敬的;值得钦佩的:a worthy fellow.可敬可佩的人3. having sufficient worth; deserving:值得的:有充分价值的;该得到 当然,正如楼主理解的,亦可做名词用:n.(名词) 【复数】 wor.thies an eminent or distinguished person.杰出人物,伟人:杰出的或卓著的人

We will be guilty of criminal negligence, without extenuation, if we permit future famines.如果我们允许未来的饥荒发生,我们就是在犯罪,而且没有什么能减轻我们的罪责.They tell us that suicide is the greatest piece of cowardice; that only a

be terrified of 是词组,可以加名词,动词的现在分词 例如:其后加名词,I'm terrified of dark.我很怕黑. 其后加动词的现在分词 例如 I'm terrified of seeing you .我害怕见到你. (还可加that从句.)

be terrified of 释义 对…感到惊恐 例句: The students would be terrified of me. 学生们会被我吓坏的.

be convicted of 宣布有罪 you be convicted of criminal guilt by association . 你不能被证明为联合犯罪be sentenced to 被判处..刑,后面跟的是在审判后法院所定之罪Today, I think this was the way God showed me that innocent people can be sentenced to death.如今,我认为这是上帝在告诉我:无辜者也有可能被判死刑.懂了吗

I was unware of the importance of learning English at that time.

be terrified of 是词组,可以加名词,动词的现在分词 例如:其后加名词,i'm terrified of dark.我很怕黑. 其后加动词的现在分词 例如 i'm terrified of seeing you .我害怕见到你. (还可加that从句.)

be terrified ofThe child will be terrified of being left alone in the big house.这孩子一个人留在那座大房子里会感到害怕的

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