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A DistAnCE oF什么意思


at a distance 相距,相隔,稍远处 例句1:At a distance of six miles you can't see much.例句2:You can see the picture clearly if you stand at a distance.


in the distance意思比较模糊和笼统,就指“在远处”,比如说:I see a light in the distance 我看见了远处的灯光I can see the bus coming in the distance. 我看见公共汽车从远处开了过来.at a distance意思是“稍远处”,隐含了一个比较的意思在里面,比如说:The picture looks better at a distance. 这幅画从稍远的地方看就更好.

more than 是比较级,前面加形容词不能加介词of .of 后面加副词 over构成形容词.


in the distance是在远处的意思.at the distance是远处,远方的意思

distance 远离或距离的意思.

from a distance: 从远处,隔开一段距离(或时间) 例句与用法: 1. In summoning the boy from a distance, the father was obliged to lift up his voice. 为了把儿子从远处叫回来,父亲不得不提高嗓子喊. 2. Don't get within range of their big guns; surround the camp from a distance. 不要进入他们大炮的射程以内,要隔一段距离包围住敌营. in the distance在远处

in the distance 在远方,直接用作状语at a distance (of)在多远的地方,一般后面接距离的名词或数词

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