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To a new school PE teacher Mr Smith, he is from the United States, the teacher is very kind, very strong, also have a lot of fun. We all like his lessons.

This is a new PE teacher in my school, his name is Mr. Brown and he comes from USA.

There's a new P.E teacher, Mr. Smith, from the United States. He's a very generous, masculine, and funny guy. More importantly, everybody love to have him in class.


1:我的数学老师很精明 2:我的英语老师是个热心肠 3:我的体育老师很健壮 4:我的音乐老师唱好听的歌 5:他们在学习上帮我们.我们在做游戏上帮助他们 6:我想留下来在放学的时候

We have a new PE teacher. He's Mr Smith. He's from America. He's kind and strong. He's interesting too. His classes are full of fun. We all like him.clean chase salt soft miceThere are ma

we have a( new )( pe. )( teacher ). he's mr.smith. he's from( america ). he's( kind )and( strong ). he's( funny )too. his classes are( full )( of )fun. we all ( like )him

你好,很高兴为你解答,答案如下:我们有一个新体育老师.we have a new pe teacher.希望我的回答对你有帮助.

As her teacher of physical education, to meet such aDezhitimei all-round development of good student, full of wit, really feel lucky.

There is a new teacher in the school, he teaches physical education. He is very tall and muscular, although I have not attended his lesson, but I like him very much.

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