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our school will have a trip on Saturday,but the weather report says“it will be rain on Saturday. ”so our teacher warns us not to forget to cause our umbrella. 从出发到下雨的过程不少于40词.什么意思..没太看懂,先随便写了点

one day,when i got home,my father was sleeping on the bed.i found out some paints and brushes . then, i wrote a big "king' on my father's face. Oh~ it was very lovely. i laughed. when my father woke up, i received a severe beating.I was very playful.o(∩_∩)o (*^__^*) :-) o(∩_∩)o

my school ,good bye!thanks for your teaching!

My favorite sport is basketball, in the Sunday afternoon, we played basketball together at school. Bob's team wore blue shirts and shorts, the other team wearing orange shirts and shorts. It is a good game, I can see the ball in the fast transmission.

young……年轻的funny……可笑的tall ……高的strong……强壮的kind……亲切的old……老的short……矮的

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my weekendi often have fun on my weekend. i often go to the library to read books on saturday morning. after lunch,i go swimming with my friends.on saturday night,i hold a party at home and invite many friends. on sunday morning,i always do my

My School My school is beautiful. We can study and play there. There is a big building in our school. There are many classrooms, two computer rooms and three music rooms. There is a library in our school. We can read book in it. There is a big

冀教版英语:重点句型、语法、近义词、反义词等1-8册重点句型 三年级上册Unit1I live in China. ……我住在中国.What's your name? 你叫什么名字?My name is …我叫…What's his name?他叫什么名字? His name is…他叫…What's


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