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提供帮助的对话Provide help for dialogue

A.Marry; will you do me a favor?玛丽,能帮我个忙吗?B.I'm busy painting a material.Will you wait a moment?我在忙着画个东西,可以等一小会儿吗?B.While,what do you want me to do?While,你想让我帮你做什么?A.Will you call Mr.Roy?Tell him tomorrow afternoon's meeting is canceled.你能不能帮我给罗伊先生打个电话,告诉他明天下午的会议取消了.B.Ok,I'll see to it.好的,我来处理.

A. Hey, Tom, what are you doing?B. I'm carrying a box, i must take it upstairs.A. It's heavy, isn't it?B. Yes.A. Let me help you carry it?B. Oh, really? Thank you very much.A. You're welcome.

Dad: Let s carry these things to the room. Mum: OK. Ann: OK. Ann: Mum, this bag/box/basket is too heavy/big/full. I can't carry it. Could you help me, please? Mum: Certainly. Let me help you. There! OK? Ann: Thanks. Mum. Mum: You're


关于帮助他人的四个人的英语对话 A: Hello, Tommy, shall we go to the Old People's Home this weekend?B. Oh, sounds good. Lily, Will you come with us?C. I'd love to, but I think we should have a plan.D. Yeah, Lily is right, I want to join you guys too,

M: Listen! I'm terribly sorry. I'm late.W: I've only been waiting for over an hour, that's all M: Yes, I know, and I would have…….Just let me explain . I…I tried to get here in time, but just after I left home, the car broke down,W: The car broke down?

向朋友表达歉意自己没能提供帮助 Expressing regrets to a friend can't help you. 觉得我翻译好的话,请采纳.谢谢

A:I was ill, my foot hurt last week. B:I'm sorry to hear that.where were you then? A:I was in the emergency room. B:What did the doctor do? A:The doctor gave me an injection for the pain.The doctor asked me to take some medicine. B:You must be carful. A:Thanks.I feel better now.

excuse me,but would you tell me how to go to the theater?go along this street ,turn left and you'll see it beside the Chinese bank.thanks a lot.it's my pleasure.

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