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neither和either的用法 1.共同点: 1)它们都可用作主语、宾语和定语. 例如:①Neither of the books is good.(主) ②He phoned neither of us yesterday.(宾) ③Neither way is correct.(定) ④I don't think either of them is at home.(主)

首先请搞清楚,不存在either of 这个固定搭配.在这里必须提一下 eitheror和 neithernor这两个固定用法:1. eitheror 用于肯定句,两者中任意一个都可以.你的例句就是这种情况,这里只是用了简略的回答either.2. neither.

汉语意思,两个都有【也】的意思.但是,用法不同.too主要勇用于肯定句 either主要用于否定句.例如 Me ,too.Besides,singing,I like dancing too.~I don't like swiming.~Tom doesn't like it either.

too,用在肯定句中,表示“也”,用在句末.如:I am a student too. 我也是一个学生.She likes watching movies too. 她也喜欢看电影.either,用于否定句中,表示“也”,用在句末.如:I don't want to go to school either. 我也不想去上学. Shi is not a student either. 她也不是学生.希望对你有帮助!

呃.either用作副词,表示或者也的意思,用在否定句中【我想这一点你应该懂】eitheror.意味要么要么..或者或者..连接两个并列主语时,谓语动词要与主语一致.列1either you or your sister comes here.要么你来这里,要么你的姐姐【妹妹】来这里.

两者选一时用.Either brother or I can play games at the same time. 在同一时间,或者是弟弟或者是我可以玩游戏.

1.1)Neither is usually followed by nor. neithernor译为 "既不也不" 2)also not 2 either:1)being the one “and ”the other of two 例子flowers blooming on either side of the walk.两者中的任何一者都相当于each.2)being the one “or ”the other of two take either road.两者之一

too = 也,但只能用于句子的结尾. 比如:i love you too. either = 或者(选其一).但如果用在“也的意思的话.那就代表两者都是或不是.比如: please choose either one. (请选择其中一个).i don't like apple. i don't like orange either. 我不

第一个是我也,第二个是我也不,前者用于肯定句 后者否定句


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