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求一首日本歌曲,女声,有一些悲伤,只听懂里面有一句英文歌词好像是 i sEE yEAh

是不是零之使魔的主题曲 i say yes

歌名:Almost Lover 歌手:A Fine Frenzy 作曲 : Alison Sudol 作词 : Alison Sudol Your finger tips across my skin,你的指尖轻滑过我的肌肤 The palm trees swaying in the wind, in my chase.棕榈树在风中翩翩起舞 You sang me Spanish lullabies

是不是Tokyo Drift ???Teriyaki Boyz 唱的 回答人的补充 2009-07-25 10:31 歌名:Tokyo Drift 歌手:Teriyaki Boyz 歌词:I wonder if you know 我想知道你是否明白 How they live in Tokyo 他们怎么生活在东京 If you see me then you mean it 如果你看

GNash feat. Olivia O'Brien - I Hate U I Love U


你有邮箱吗,我发给你一个音频.里面歌词有every time everywhere i dont know you let me go

Warning Sign 歌手: Coldplay 专辑:《A Rush Of 》 05:31 下载 Coldplay - Warning SignA warning signI missed the good part, then I realisedI started looking and the bubble burstI started looking for excusesCome on inI've gotta tell you what I

【疯狂动物城】歌名:Try everything【?】

Celine Dion 《I Surrender》(林志炫将它翻唱为《没离开过》)很赞!There's so much life I've left to live And this fire's burning still When I watch you look at me I think I could find a will To stand for every dream And forsake this solid ground And

歌名You Are My Heart(Lara Fabian)歌词 how did i ever get to herewhy do i need youwhy do i have to cry these tearswhere do they lead toi used to be so strong alonewhen i was standing on my ownnow i don't know what to dowas i too proud or just

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