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focus on、concentrate on、

1.活埋 2.把……埋到……里 3.双手掩面 4.专心于,埋头于 5.buried 6.buried 7.buried

你好!immerse (in doing sth) engage(用法如上 打字不易,采纳哦!

致力于:1. commit oneself to2. hammer at3. take up with4. apply oneself to5. bend oneself to 专心于:bend oneself to be bent on be absorbed in keep one's mind on apply one's mind to devote oneself to 有很多都是一样的因为致力于专心于埋头于都是差不多的意思希望可以帮到你

埋头读书: with ones nose in a book;have one's nose in a book;be deep in a book

Hurt, electricity, electricity, Congratulate, with contempt. Judgment, in, over, burst out laughing

never participate in ,busy now ,never arranged ,bury oneself in one's work ,people don't know until now

immerse into meditationimmerse into:沉浸于meditation:沉思像埋头沉思这种词语,最好采用意译法而非直译,因为翻译是让说英语的人领会到你要表达的意思,如果生硬的把“埋头”翻出来,则会使人产生困惑.

be immersed in : 沈浸于; 埋头于; 陷入soak oneself in : 沈浸于; 尽情地…lock on to : 锁定

Give in 认输,让步,屈服,交上 Give me 请接…… Give up 停止,放弃,辞去 Give fun. 玩得开心点. Give off 释放,放出 Give out 分发 Give way 让路,让步 Give away 赠送;泄露 Give back 归还 Give examples 举例 Pay off 还清;取得好结果

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