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离开的英文有:leave、depart from、deviate from、departure、check out.leave [li:v] vt.离开;留下;遗忘;委托vi.离开,出发;留下n.许可,同意;休假[过去式left 过去分词left 现在分词leaving ].depart from离开

leave 英[li:v] 美[liv] vt. 离开; 遗弃; 忘了带; 交托; vt. 离去; 出发; 舍弃; n. 准假; 假期; 辞别; 许可; [例句]He would not be allowed to leave the country 他可能会被禁止离开该国.[其他] 第三人称单数:leaves 现在分词:leaving 过去式:left 过去分词:left

break away ; take off ; fly off ; abrupt departure

leave there

at the same time 同时 leave 离开


leave 离开, 留, 离, 走, 给, 撤离 depart 离开, 背离, 离, 分离, 发动, 放弃 go away 离开, 离, 颠 deviate 偏离, 背离, 离开 be out 离开, 不在, 灭, 下落 be off 离开, 弄错, 失败, 失事 fall away 离开, 离弃, 遗弃, 丢弃, 渝

see you latercya (see you again)see you next timesee youtalk to you latertalk to you next timebye byegood byegtg (gotta go)brb (be right back)I have to gohope to meet you againhave a nice day

say goodbye to sb; kiss sb goodbye ; kiss sb good night; give you a quick kiss good-bye ; bid farewell to sb; bid sb farewell; make one's farewell to sb ; part from sb; part with sb; take leave of sb; depart from sb or some place

leave for 离开去某地

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