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be against doing sthI am against policemen because it is too dangerous.词组太多,根据不同的动词加上against可以表示总体反对的意思.例如:fight against与.作斗争go against 违反;反对很高兴为你解答!多谢你的

是的;Against 这个词,有反抗,反对的意思,比如Our team play against that team. 我们队对抗另一个队;也可以说是靠着,背靠着什么,比如The boy stands against the wall .这个男孩靠墙站着.

I against this proposal.我反对这项提议.

d of his nose was smarting painfully, and he could not ke

against 英['genst; 'genst]美['nst]prep.反对,违反;靠;倚;防备adj.不利的;对立的stand against反抗;抵抗;反对;站起来反对hedge against套期保值;套

opposition recalcitration oppositional repugnancy repugn oppose deprecation adverseness demur contrary recusation in opposition to have an objection to buck against to oppose to fight against to be opposed to strike a blow against take against

反对做某事 To do something against it 反对某人做某事 Against a person to do something

【oppose to】-- The father opposed to his son's marriage. 父亲反对儿子的婚事.【object to】-- I objected to his plan. 我反对他的计划.【be against】-- No one is against this proposal. 没有人反对这个提议.【argue against】-- We argued against the proposal. 我们据理力争反对这项提议

赞成:be for;approve of;agree with反对:be opposed to; object to; be against

struggle against

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