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带有up with的短语

keep up with 跟上;catch up with 赶上;be fed up with厌腻; come up with提出; put up with忍受; fill up with 挤满了;speed up with; end up with结束; meet up with偶遇;split up with与.分手(断交); tie up with 把…与…密切联系起来.build up with 用建造

1. wake up 醒来2. bring up 抚养3. dry up 干涸4. push up 提高5. pull up 停下6. hurry up 快点7. pick up 捡起8. get up 起床9. think up 仔细思考10. shut up 闭嘴11. check up 检查12. cheer up 鼓舞,使高兴13. build up 建立14. show up 出现,露面15. mix up 糊涂,混淆16. cut up 切碎17. look up 查出18. stand up 起立19. cry up 吹嘘,赞扬20. turn up 出现,翻起


UPmake up 弥补 化妆hang up 挂起来keep up 持续 保持 不低落stand up 站起来up and down 上下运动full up 吃饱turn up 出现 发生 WITHput up with 忍受keep up with 保持联系be busy with 忙于 be angry with 因..生气be sorry with 抱歉get along


keep up with,意思是跟上,赶上,追上.或者catch up with意思是一样的 满意请采纳,谢谢

1 catch up with 追上,赶上(功课、进度等) If you don't study hard, others can catch up with you. 2 keep up with 跟上 They walked so fast that I could not keep up with them. 与保持联系 She has kept up with her friends since her retirement. 3 come

关于up的短语或词组 悬赏分:0 | 解决时间:2009-2-16 22:35 | 提问者:lessoners 要中文 越多越好 最佳答案 1) 向上(toward or into a higher position) lift ~ 举起 climb ~ 爬上 come ~ 上升 get ~ 起来 stand ~ 站起来 pick ~ 检起 draw ~ 升起 grow

(与副词连用,表示祈使) away with 把…带走 in with 把…带进来 out with 把…带出去 play with sb 和某人玩 with the help of sb 在某人的帮助下 be friends with sb 和某人交朋友take with 带走 agree with同意 talk with谈论 play with和、、、一起玩

有,Wake up with 牛津的解释是(与某人)言归于好

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