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1 as soon as2 as…as3 as…as possible4 ask sb. for sth.5 ask/tell sb. (how) to do sth.6 ask/tell sb. (not) to do sth.7 be afraid of doing/that8 be busy doing sth.9 be famous/late/ready/sorry for…10 be glad that11 buy/give/show/bring/lend/send/pass/tell

1.接近 close to 2.去上学 go to school 3.擅长 (be) good at 4.与交朋友 make in alphabetical order 22.用英语 in English1.初级中学 a junior high school 2.步行 on foot 3.

1. Walk along this road, and take the fourth turning on the left. 沿着这条路走,在第四个路口向左拐.2.. Lily fell off her bike and hurt herself badly.3.. Go on until you reach the end. 一直走,直到你到达终点.4. Thanks a lot for inviting me to your

1 (see 、hear 、notice 、find 、feel 、listen to 、 look at (感官动词)+do eg:I like watching monkeys jump 2 (比较级 and 比较级)表示越来越怎么样 3 a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易) 4 agree with sb 赞成某人 5 all kinds of 各种各


1、ask sb. for sth. 例:I ask him for some book. 2、ask/tell sb. (how) to do sth. 例:I ask him to give me some book./I ask him how to do this exercise. 3、ask/tell sb. not to do sth. 例:和2相反就是了 4、be afraid of doing sth./ that… 例:I am afraid

a bit (of) 少量,一点 a great deal of 很多的;大量的a great many 许许多多;极多a place of interest 名胜a series of 一连串的;一系列;一套a variety of 种类繁多的a waste of time 浪费时间according to 按照;根据……所说act as 担当;充当;扮

中考英语110条重点短语归纳 1. put down 放下 shut down 把…关上 cut down 砍掉 come down下来、落下 slow down 减缓、放慢 sit down 坐下 write down 写下 get down 下来,降落 2. after all 毕竟.终究 after that 于是.然后 day after day 日复一日地

1.be born 出生于 2.visit sb 拜访某人 3.tell sb. sth. 告诉某人某事 tell sb.to do sth.告诉某人做某事 4.tell sb.not to do sth.告诉某人不要做某事 a)teII sb.how to do sht 告诉某人怎样做某事 b)go to a place to do sth 去某个地方做某事 c)go to England to

1. a bit of 有一点儿 2. a big dinner 一顿丰盛的正餐 3. a bottle of 一瓶 4. a can of 一听,一罐 5. a cup of 一茶杯 6. a few 一些;少数几个 7. a few days ago 几天前 8. a few months ago 几个月前 9. a few weeks ago 几周前 10. a few years ago 几年前

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