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Help someone who needs help.Help those who needs help.这两个都可以.希望对您有帮助~别忘记采纳哦XD

上面第2个回答更地道 we r helping someone in need

He often helps those who need help.

We should try our best to help those (that are) in need.有帮助望采纳谢谢

Trying To Help Others Last Sunday, I went to Haimen to go shopping. I saw a lot of people standing in front of the supermarket when I was walking down the street. I wondered what was happening there. I hurried to go there to take a look. I ran

we can help anyone who need help

他热心的帮助那些需要帮助的人翻译:he is kind to help the people who are in needin need 需要帮助

Everyone in the world can't live without helpning no matter how old ,young and so on.Because we are livingin a big family.Do somethingby ourselves mustn't succeed.SO we need help.It's a part of life.Only to find how to help others and how to

要有主语(I/You /We)I'm very happy to help people with need to helps.

Help all people who need helping .

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